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Kyokushin karate

Kyokushin karate-do Philippines is considered one of the Strongest Karate Organization in the Philippines based on its training syllabus, organization management and its huge membership.

There are many different styles of Karate that are known in the Philippines however, kyokushin karate is the toughest and the most respected due to its strict discipline and rigorous training. Some karate groups have gone to extreme commercialization in which the standard of karate has demonized and jeopardize. Because of therse reason a vision from a man to bring back the true essence, standard and the glory of karate came to the rescue.

"If you do not overcome your tendency to give up easily, your life leads to nothing."

– Sosai Masutatsu Ōyama
Kancho Peter Chong

Chairman of the International Karate Alliance, KyokushinRyu

Kancho Peter Chong 9th Dan, is a Kyokushin Karate master.

Kancho was the former long term International Committee Chairman for Asia and the Middle East, International Karate Organization (IKO1) founded by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (1923–1994). He resigned from that position in 2018.

Kancho Peter was born in Singapore in 1941. He began his training in martial arts under his father in 1955, at the age of 14.

Prior to studying Kyokushin Karate, he practiced Judo and other local arts in Singapore. In 1965, Kancho journeyed by boat to Japan, to train full time with Kyokushin Karate founder Mas Oyama at the Honbu dojo, Ikebukuro Tokyo. Many of the famous Kyokushin luminaries and senior Instructors were training at Honbu during that time.

During 1969, he established his first Dojo in Singapore.

Prior to retiring from the workforce, he was an Assistant Superintendent of Police in Singapore. Kancho Peter was also a regular Self Defense instructor in the Singapore Police Force throughout his Policing career.

Kancho Peter was responsible for tirelessly promoting Kyokushin Karate throughout Asia and the Middle East, and teaching hundreds of Instructors & students during the ensuing decades.

In 1988, Kancho received the Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (Public Service Medal) from Ong Teng Cheong, then Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, for his services to martial arts.

Kancho Peter Chong is dedicated to promoting Kyokushin Karate in its proper form including its philosophies and principles to all, through the International Karate Alliance KyokushinRyu.

Daihyo Ryuko Take

Vice Chairman of the International Karate Alliance, KyokushinRyu

Chairman of the World Kyokushin Kaikan.

Shihan Take 8th Dan, is a Kyokushin Karate master.

Shihan Take is based in Kagoshima prefecture, Kyushu Japan. At the age of 18 he commenced full time training with Sosai Mas Oyama in the Kyokushin Karate Honbu dojo, Ikebukero Tokyo.

Shihan Take was an active competitor Kyokushin tournaments, including the All Japan Kyokushin Karate championship. In 1976, Shihan Take founded the Kagoshima prefecture Kyokushin Karate branches, authorized by Sosai Oyama.

Shihan Take oversees numerous dojos around the Kagoshima prefecture.

Shihan Take has successfully coached numerous Kyokushin Karate champions, including Shihan Kiyama World Tournament Champion, Sensei Jan Soukup World Tournament 2nd place, Sensei Makato All Japan champion, and many others.